This Will Be Interesting

I’m sorry I keep changing the theme on this thing.  I can’t seem to find one that is sticking with me well, so every time I get bored with it I change it up.  I’m sure I’ll find one to keep eventually.


I’ve never had a blog before, expect for the Myspace one that was worth nothing at all.  And who’s to say that this one will be worth anything either?  It has no purpose at the moment.  I’m not here to show you how to make adorable valentines presents for your beau or give you food porn (though I absolutely support the existence of food porn).  Maybe some of you will find reading of my experiences useful, or will enjoy reading about my bizarre life (because from a distance it certainly is).  Maybe I’ll tell you about my sexual deviance, or post some of my fiction and fanfiction for you to tear down or build up.  You are the internet!  The ruler of my generation! Sometimes, maybe, I’ll post pictures of my cats to please you.

Here is my content so far:

The Gallery
Fossils are Neat-o
My Mica
My Other Furred Menaces
My Captain, She Dances
The Lucky are Confounded
This Whole Pagan Thing
Mr.Sexy Hooter
On Aging and Looking Back
Minor Hallucinogenics


One response

1 01 2013
Ehsha Apple

Now I can’t stop thinking of cat memes as the preferred sacrifice to the internet daemon.

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