Mr. Sexy Hooter (or Night Owl…Either Way)

5 01 2013

I have an issue.  See, my boyfriend and I run on different schedules, him being the night owl and me…not.  The fact that I work at 8am every day is a hindrance, but I have also simply never been one for late nights.  I get bored far too easily unless I’m reading or doing something (which I am generally not fond of doing in the dark of the morning), and if I’m reading it is only a matter of time before I notice how dry my eyes have become and I decide to turn in, tired or not. 

Ant doesn’t have this problem.  He sleeps in late and stays up until the wee hours doing all manner of things, getting to know the internet.  The boy has 12,000 likes in Stumbleupon. The counter stopped tracking individual likes when he hit 10K and now just updates every time he gets another thousand.  He’s also my crafty, project guru who just build an infinity mirror clock – deigned, built, and programmed as his final project for his degree.  He was in love with that for a few months, and now it has come to mead.  Tasty, tasty mead.  I approve of his project.  I love hearing about them, and believe me he loves talking about them!

Back on point, we then have the problem of how damn comfortable the boy is.  He’s skinny and bony, and I don’t know how he is so comfortable, but every time I get to use him as a pillow I begin to fall asleep! If I believed in soul mates and one-true-loves I might call that evidence towards Ant being mine.  One thing I always wanted in a beau was for me to be welcome, encouraged, and enticed to lay on them and relax in the same way that What’s His Face from Zombieland wanted to tuck a girl’s hair behind her ear.  It’s a little hypothesis of mine that most people have some trait that they want in a partner more than anything.  It may not be a deal breaker and they may not always get it, but there is something they want.  Seems reasonable enough to me.

Anyway, I found mine, and I sleep wonderfully when I have my most loved pillow.  I do fall asleep a touch too quickly though, which is a real downer, particularly when he in a mind to “burn the midnight oil.”  I’m missing a sleep over tonight because of it.

Realistically, I did start dozing off around 9pm.  By 10:30 he was asking if he should head home and let me sleep, so I straightened myself out and said one more episode (of an hour long show).  Then I had to let him go and it sucked hard monkey cock.  I don’t want him to be bored and he doesn’t want to keep me up all night, so it’s just as well.  I can let go every once in a while since this doesn’t usually happen and more often than not he stays over anyway watching ahead and pressing the magical Stumble button.

Of course, the minute my magical pillow leaves my comfort and drowsiness fade away leaving a too active mind that wants to pout despite the “best of intentions” logic behind the whole thing.  At least I get time tomorrow to track down a birthday present 😉




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