from fear to reality: I’m losing it.

5 01 2013


So here is my big thing, I’m sitting with my family of bears and my monkey wondering how my new year is going to be. Am I going to be lucky and get to move out? Will I even make that vacation I was planning? Will I get my car back? All these things going through my mind and I’ve found I’m terrified, as I am every year, of what’s to come. Of coarse isn’t that just the human way? We fear what we don’t know or can not control. Ain’t that just the way? (Forgive me SQ)

I am so tired of feeling fear. So tired of being scared or stressed. My life could fall at any second and I’m not gonna take it any more! I refuse to be scared of my new year and I will take it as a blessing. To Quote My favorite band “When…

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