Dec 6, 2012 10:22am (After Class)

5 01 2013


I am in a car, going down the freeway while all the guys around me are getting stoned as fuck.

We got on the freeway, took the roseville exit, then got back on going back the way we came.  Passing the big brown blunt my way, they were surprised when I passed.

“Oh, snap! We just totally kidnapped you then!”

I smiled and nodded, finding this situation vastly amusing. I like watching people. you can learn a lot about someone when they are really messed up and don’t think someone is noticing.  Now, back in the parking lot, I think I know my classmates a little better.   10:28am

Today, I have decided, will be one of those good days.  I have made the conscious move of putting myself in a hard place.  I am going to allow someone to move in with in my in tiny cramped apartment.  To…

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