Dec 5, 2012 12:48pm (Drugs of Choice)

5 01 2013


The moment that changed my life wasn’t an “Ah-Ha!” moment.  I was at Gibson ranch, it was june and I had just turned 16 a few days before.  I was sitting in a lady’s tent having my hands hennaed.  My step dad’s friend had taken me to the event, and was getting my hands tattooed as a birthday gift.  We started talking to the lady about the little curve balls life throws us when the friend told me that the man I had been calling “dad”, wasn’t  I looked at him, and simply “I know.”  I said not much else while my paste was drying, realizing that deep down I had known for a long time.  It was the family secret, only most of the family that knew were not the ones that it should have been told too.  I didn’t know, that was for sure.  It did make things…

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