ringing in my new year

1 01 2013


at 12:15AM last night we got a call from Papa Bear’s doctor telling us he needs to stop taking three of his meds and let us know he is dehydrated (of corse the doctor said possible kidney failure) and tonight at, you guessed it, 12:15AM (happy fracking new year) i answer my house phone after my aunt calls Momma Bear (see bellow) and find out grandpa passed tonight.

I would like to point out I answered the phone when my grandmother passed all those years ago around this time as well.

Now I am a firm believer in heaven and in reincarnation. I believe we wait for our friends and loved ones and decide when to be reborn. With grandpas passing we realized he outlived all four of his wives and let me tell you my grandmother probably gathered them all up and has been laughing with them about all…

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